Monday, December 5

Course is put to bed

Novermber has been a very busy month preparing the golf course for winter.  We applied our snow mold fungicides to protect the turf throughout the winter months.  This is the most important fungicide application we make all year because of the damage that snow mold can do to fine turf. 
The Greens received a sand topdressing to help protect the crown of the plant from winter dessication.  Range tees and misc. tee boxes were covered with 70/30 topdressing and winter covers.  Any protection  from the winter elements is very helpful to the grass plant throughout winter.
We have also started trimming and removing unwanted trees.  The Greens Committee has decided that any trees that are rotted,diseased or unsightly need to be removed.  Over the last few weeks the chainsaws have been working nonstop and we have removed nearly 3/4 of the the trees on the list.  One area that will be very noticeable to the members is the left side of 16 fwy and 17 tee box area.  The area was very unsightly and grown over with underbrush.  This project took a better part of a week but looks very nice and maintained similar to 5 tee / 6 green area.   We will continue to work outside removing trees until we can no longer drive on the golf course. 

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