Saturday, August 6


Left: Needle Tine, Right: Bayonet

 On Monday 8/8/11 all 19 greens will be Vented.  Neddle tines will be used on the native push-up greens and the USGA greens will be vented with Bayonet tines.   A Bayonet tine is shaped like a V and research has shown that the holes will remain open longer increasing the benefit of the venting.  Last season we split 14 green in half, half solid tines ( traditional 1/8th inch type tine), half Bayonet tines, both at a 3" depth, 2 1/2" spacing. The two different style tines were used on #14 for comparison.  We want to find out a few things: which will heal quicker, surface disruption, ball roll disruption, water penetration, Localized Dry Spot healing.  After the Venting takes place the green is rolled and is ready for play.

Left holes: Needle, Right holes: Bayonet

This practice allows the greens to breath during the hot and humid months.  Oxygen availability to the roots of the grass plants on a golf green is an essential component for a healthy green. With golfers and mowers walking and rolling over the green's surface each day the surface can become compacted and limits oxygen exchange into the rootzone.  Even though our spring aeration went great, it is important we continue to focus on the most challenging part of the season agronomically, July and August.  

Venting Greens at Oakmont Country Club, 6 days before Women's U.S. Open!!!

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