Friday, July 15

Big Rain

Starting around 8:30 a.m. Friday morning the first rain drops started to fall, they continued off and on all day and night with 1.8" 24h total.  As most of us know the golf course does not drain very well and when it pours we typically find a lot of "bird baths" in the fairways. These areas are squeegeed so the turf doesn't die (sun and standing water on turf = dead), but with most of the fairways under water it will be difficult to drain every one.  Most of the areas under water were injured to some degree this past winter and still struggling to recover. 
 The forecast for the next ten days is VERY hot and humid,  these temps keep the full time staff on our toes.  With very high disease pressure, we must constantly be on the lookout for the tell tale signs of fungus.  So far this season we have had little to no pressure and fungicide spray apps have been few.   You will also see staff pulling a hose from green to green to keep the surface cool or syringe localized dry spot.  Please be patient during these times, we are not "slowing down the greens" or "over watering" these areas, it is just a necessary practice to keep the greens from wilting or recover wilt. 

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