Monday, September 20

Slowing Down

Since loosing about half of our crew (college) a couple weeks ago, we have also lost about 45 minutes of sun lite as well. The crew size in the summer is around 20 and we are now down to 12 till the snow flies.  For the next month or so the crew will have their hand full with general maintenance and course set-up.  The majority of morning tasks take 3-4 hours and does not leave much time for projects.  As most of you know, the course will be covered in Maple, Oak and Ash leaves soon.  Leaf clean-up takes 3-4 employees to clean the course daily. 
With the reduced crew size we will no longer be using our Toro Flex 21 walk behind greens mowers.  We will now be using our Toro Tri-plex mowers.  It takes 4 staff members 3 hours to walk mow greens and 2 hours for 2 employees to Tri-plex.   Fairways will be mowed Tuesdays and Fridays vs M-W-F, because the rate of growth has slowed, needing only 2 cuts per week.   Setting new pin placements will no longer be changed every day.  This will depend on amount of play and conditions of the greens. 

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