Tuesday, June 22

Ash Tree Injection

Now that ALL the Ash trees have been identified and tagged, we have started the Arborjet Tree I.V. injection process. The insecticide we are using is called Tree-age. Tree-age provides broad spectrum insect control with extended residual activity for micro-injection and micro-infusion application through Arborjet injection systems. The active ingredient emamectin benzoate, eliminates existing populations of some insect pests and provides multi-year protection against new infestations of EAB. University research has consistently found it to be the most effective control method for Emerald Ash Borer. Tree-age is a longer-lasting and quicker-killing insecticide administered through injection holes in the trunk near the ground. It has a proven 99% kill-rate of established infestations within weeks of injection and a 99% prevention rate for uninfested Ash.

Tree-age is applied as a trunk injection at the base of the tree. It is not sprayed on the tree nor applied to the soil. Like any systemic insecticide, this product must be transported through the phloem tissue and into the canopy. Therefore, it will usually be more effective in a tree that is reasonably healthy than in a tree that has already been severely injured by insects.

Here are a few websites to check out if you are concerned about your Ash trees:



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