Monday, April 7

Please visit Burl Oaks Golf Club for Turfgrass updates.This blog will no longer be used.

Friday, November 8

Willow Tree

    Well maybe not, but the legendary Willow tree on the right of 2 fairway fell overnight on October 29th. This is the 3rd significant play-affecting tree/tree's to fall this season. Not pictured are the 3 willows protecting the corner right of the 16th fairway that were uprooted during one of summers severe storms, and the center of the large oak tree protecting the green to the right of the 18th fairway.

Monday, November 4

Multipro Sprayer

We recently just upgraded to a new Multi-Pro 5800 sprayer! This new unit will give us flexibility to be more efficient and save us time on nutrient and chemical applications.  This unit will be able to spray  Greens, Fairways and Tees instead of having a dedicated sprayer for each area of the golf course.

Friday, October 4

Green Surrounds

We recently slice tined the Green surrounds to allow more oxygen and loosen up the soil for better growth. This promotes healthier roots and will let water/nutrients penetrate into the soil easier. Doing this practice 2 to 3 times a year maintains a great look and play-ability.